About Long Covid Care Center

1.Brief introduction to the origin, background and business of Long Covid CareCenter

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of patients with long covid have been caused all over the world. According to authoritative reports, as of July 1, 2022, there were more than 16.3 million patients with Post Covid-19 Symptoms in the United States, accounting for 4.89% of the total United States population of 333 million. There are more than 1.8 million patients with Post-Covid conditions in Britain, accounting for 2.678% of the total population of 67.22 million in Britain. It is known that there are 7.753 billion people in the world. Thus, according to the most conservative estimate, assuming that 2% of the people suffer from Post Covid-19 Symptoms, the total number of patients will be as high as 155 million.

David Lee, founder of Long Covid care Center, has been engaged in rehabilitation of chronic diseases of the elderly and CDMO of biomedicine, relying on Sanke Pharmaceutical and Yaohai Bio. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, he has been devoted to the prevention and treatment research of the epidemic. During this period, he has accumulated a lot of experience in treating long covid with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. The COVID-19 research project of Hong Kong Hospital Authority also confirmed that Chinese medicine is a better solution to some Post Covid-19 Symptoms. For the specific research, please refer to the paper, Effects of Chinese Medicine for COVID-19 Rehabilitation: a Multicenter Observational Study.

In order to spread the experience of treating Post Covid-19 Symptoms with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and to better provide services for a large number of patients with long Covid around the world, Long Covid Care Center was established. Long Covid Care Center hopes that through the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, many patients with Post Covid can be provided with another choice to improve their symptoms of Long Covid besides pure Western medicine.

Long Covid care Center is actively studying a better treatment scheme of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. IT experts are invited to build an efficient remote consultation system, so that more patients can get personalized rehabilitation treatment suggestions according to their own health conditions and symptoms after online consultation.

[Note: due to the limitations of remote consultation, we can only provide services for mild patients with Post Covid-19 Symptoms. If the patient’s long covid symptoms are severe, or in an emergency or serious state, they needs to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment or hospitalization. Long Covid Care Center cannot provide online consultation services for such patients.]

2.What are the Long Covid? What are the symptoms of Long Covid?

Long Covid (also called post-COVID conditions), which is defined by World Health Organization, refers to the symptoms of physical discomfort after being infected by Novel Coronavirus, and the standard is that the patient physical discomfort still exists after three months after being tested positive by PCR for the first time. Post Covid-19 Symptoms can be roughly divided into the following categories:

(1) Long Covid cognitive brain fog, such as dizziness, fatigue with brain, memory loss, difficulty in concentrating, and Parkinson’s disease-like senile dementia.

(2) Long Covid chronic fatigue, such as fatigue, muscle weakness, insufficient endurance, decreased physical strength, palpitation, tachycardia and arrhythmia after exercise.

(3) Long Covid respiratory system, such as shortness of breath, mild asthma, frequent cough and sore throat.

(4) Long Covid chronic pain, such as chronic headache, chronic muscle pain, wandering neuralgia, soreness of limbs and joints, and chest pain.

(5) Long Covid metabolism and immunity, such as Type-II diabetes symptoms, intestinal stress syndrome, gastrointestinal discomfort, chronic stomachache, chronic abdominal pain and frequent diarrhea.

(6) Long Covid nerve and mental disease, such as loss of smell, loss of taste, blurred vision, insomnia, anxiety and melancholy.

These long-term symptoms are stubborn, and the rehabilitation treatment with Western medicine alone is not effective. Therefore, we use the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to treat Post Covid-19 Symptoms, so that patients can get the best treatment effect of Long Covid.

3.What departments are there in Long Covid CareCenter? What symptoms are the corresponding doctor teams good at treating?

In order to facilitate patients’ understanding, Long Covid Care Center is divided into the following departments according to the symptoms. Doctors in the departments are good at the following diseases:

(1) Long Covid Cognitive Brain Fog Department: doctors are good at Parkinson’s syndrome and chronic cranial neuritis.

(2) Long Covid Chronic Fatigue Department: doctors are good at chronic fatigue syndrome, postural tachycardia syndrome and post-intensive care syndrome.

(3) Long Covid Respiratory System Department: doctors are good at pulmonary fibrosis syndrome, asthma syndrome and upper respiratory tract inflammation syndrome.

(4) Long Covid Chronic Pain Department: doctors are good at myalgic encephalomyelitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

(5) Long Covid Type-II Diabetes Department: doctors are good at Type-II diabetes and intestinal stress syndrome.

(6) Long Covid Neurological Injury Department: doctors are good at peripheral neurodegeneration syndrome.

[Note: as for Long Covid mental diseases (such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.), we are not good at such symptoms, so we ask patients to go to other psychiatric medical institutions for help.

4.What is the online consultation process of Long Covid CareCenter?

In order to better understand your condition, you need to read the Detailed Description Table of Post Covid-19 Symptoms Classification before consulting, so as to judge which department your symptoms belong to. Then contact the doctor assistant of our corresponding department, and fill out the Questionnaire of Patients with Post Covid-19 Symptoms under the remote guidance of the doctor assistant. After filling out the questionnaire, a doctor will conduct online consultation according to your questionnaire. For more detailed procedures, please refer to the Start Your Consultation of the navigation on the homepage of the website.

5.What other help can patients and doctors get at Long Covid Care Center?

(1) We have produced a large number of popular science articles and videos about Post Covid-19, which can be read, reprinted and downloaded by patients and doctors. We hope that you can learn this knowledge and impart it to help other patients with post-COVID conditions.

(2) We usually inquire about medical academic papers and scientific research papers on Post Covid-19 Symptoms included in SCI and EI every day, and then interpret these papers in easy-to-understand language for the convenience of patients and doctors.

(3) We have collected and sorted out a catalogue of medical institutions related to the treatment of Post Covid-19 Symptoms. Since we adopt the scheme of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment, we have specially collected and sorted out the catalogue of Chinese medicine museums except China. Patients and doctors can check the local medical institutions and Chinese medicine halls near them in the catalogue.

(4) We have also set up an online store with some over-the-counter medicines, health products and medical devices commonly used in consultation programs. Patients and doctors can buy related medicines, health products and medical devices at our online store if they can’t buy them locally. We will mail it to you via FedEx and DHL.

[Disclaimer: the treatment of the disease is a very complex and professional matter. Long Covid Care Center cannot carry out face-to-face offline consultation since it is limited to carry out simple remote consultation, and we cannot obtain comprehensive physical examination results. Therefore, the suggestions, guidance, programs and documents output by Long Covid Care Center to patients can only be used as a reference for patients to understand their own diseases in many aspects, and cannot be directly used as treatment programs. Patients must have face-to-face communication with doctors in local hospitals, complete the physical examination required by doctors, and then be prescribed by doctors and treated under the guidance of doctors. Therefore, Long Covid Care Center hereby declares that it is completely exempt from any adverse consequences caused by patients’ self-treatment by adopting all the contents exported by the Center, that is, it does not assume any responsibility.]

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