Start Talking To a Doctor

You are welcome to come to the Long COVID Care Center for help. In order to provide you with better services, please take a look at the following consultation service process and steps:

(1) Please read the "Long COVID Symptom Category Table" carefully, find out which category of symptoms in the list is the same as yours, and then tick the checkbox. Check multiple if you have more than one symptom that matches. After you have checked the matching symptoms, we will assign you a physician assistant who is particularly experienced with your symptoms to help you through the entire consultation process.

Long COVID Symptom Category Table

(2) The doctor's assistant will contact you by email, mobile phone, WhatsApp and other contact information. We will send you a detailed Questionnaire "Long-Term Covid Patient Questionnaire" ,which is related to your symptoms. At this time, you need to fill in the questionnaire in detail and truthfully.

(3) After you complete the questionnaire, send this questionnaire, together with your previous COVID-19 treatment case and medical report to the doctor's assistant via Email. If you don't know how to fill out the questionnaire, you can contact your doctor's assistant directly, and he will give you a detailed explanation on how to fill it out.

(4) After your doctor's assistant checks the "Condition Questionnaire", he will give you a registered bill for online consultation. The amount of the registered bill is US$30. At this time, you need to complete the payment on the website.

(5) After you have completed the payment, your doctor assistant will submit your questionnaire together with your medical case and physical examination report to an attending doctor who is particularly experienced in your symptoms. The attending doctor began to study your "Condition Questionnaire".

(6) If you suffer from multiple long-term covid symptoms, the attending doctor will also invite doctors from one or more other departments as your auxiliary doctor. During the study of your condition, your doctor assistant may also contact you several times for more information.

(7) Your attending doctor, auxiliary doctor, and doctor's assistant will hold a meeting to discuss the most suitable rehabilitation treatment plan for you.

(8) After your medical team completes the diagnosis and treatment plan of your symptoms, it will be sent to you by your doctor's assistant by email. After you get the treatment plan, the doctor's assistant will also communicate with you to further explain your treatment plan.

(9) Finally, if you are willing, please give us feedback on your recovery every week, which is very important to us. On the one hand we can continue to provide you with better treatment recommendations based on your physical condition.On the other hand, your recovery data will also help us improve our medical level and serve other patients better.

(10) Because it is a remote online consultation, it is inevitable that there will be omissions, so this treatment plan can only be used as a reference. You also need to take your treatment plan to communicate with your family doctor, or go to an offline hospital to communicate with a doctor about your condition, and carry out your treatment process under the guidance of the offline doctor.

The following is a schematic diagram of our consultation process. Please follow the instructions in the diagram and patiently complete your consultation process step by step.

Flow chart of the Consultation Process of Long COVID Care Center