The Long Covid Care Center doctor-patient mutual aid organization has well-known Chinese and Western experts to provide professional consultation and advice for patients with post-COVID conditions. It has helped hundreds of patients with long COVID to successfully get rid of the troubles.

If you have long-term headache, dizziness, memory loss, cognitive impairment and other problems after the COVID-19, contact our experts immediately, they will combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine to diagnose and provide personalized treatment plan for you.

What departments are there in Long Covid Care Center? What symptoms are the corresponding doctor teams good at treating?

In order to facilitate patients’ understanding, Long Covid Care Center is divided into the following departments according to the symptoms. Doctors in the departments are good at the following diseases:

(1) Long Covid Cognitive Brain Fog Department: doctors are good at Parkinson’s syndrome and chronic cranial neuritis.

(2) Long Covid Chronic Fatigue Department: doctors are good at chronic fatigue syndrome, postural tachycardia syndrome and post-intensive care syndrome.

(3) Long Covid Respiratory System Department: doctors are good at pulmonary fibrosis syndrome, asthma syndrome and upper respiratory tract inflammation syndrome.

(4) Long Covid Chronic Pain Department: doctors are good at myalgic encephalomyelitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

(5) Long Covid Type-II Diabetes Department: doctors are good at Type-II diabetes and intestinal stress syndrome.

(6) Long Covid Neurological Injury Department: doctors are good at peripheral neurodegeneration syndrome.

[Note: as for Long Covid mental diseases (such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.), we are not good at such symptoms, so we ask patients to go to other psychiatric medical institutions for help.]

Doctor information: