Which long COVID clinics are there in Louisiana State, when you suffer from post COVID, you need to seek help from a doctor.
Every Post COVID Care facility offers different services and access to specialists. We have labeled each according to services offered: Multidisciplinary Long-Term Recovery (most comprehensive), Rehabilitation & Therapy (focus on rehabilitation) and Acute COVID-19 Recovery (focus on improved function after severe illness or hospitalization, often in-patient services).


Tulane Neurology Post COVID Care Clinic 
Tulane Doctors Neurosciences - Metairie | 4224 Houma Boulevard, Suite 540 Metairie, LA 70006

Multidisciplinary Long-Term Recovery [Neurology focus]

The Tulane Neurology Post COVID Care Clinic will treat adult patients (18 years and older) who previously tested positive for COVID and have lingering symptoms including fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, weakness, numbness/tingling, memory and/or speech changes, and headaches that have lasted greater than or equal to 12 weeks. Patients will be followed up with both in person and telehealth appointments.

The Clinic will coordinate care including referral to their neurology specialists, mental health and sleep specialists and physical and occupational therapists.

To make an appointment: Call 504-503-7001.

Contact Physician: Dr. Michele Longo

PT Solutions Rehabilitation for COVID-19 Recovery 
3750 Veterans Memorial Blvd #6, Metairie, LA 70002

Rehab and Physical Therapy

PT Solutions recognizes the lasting after-effects of COVID-19 infection and is equipped to provide therapy services for COVID survivors in need of additional rehabilitation. PT Solutions is staffed by a licensed Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech-Language Pathologist and offers a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan for the individual needs of each patient.

Patients will be able to engage in aerobic training, strength training, endurance training, balance training, while their vital signs - blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and respiration rate - are consistently monitored in relation to level/intensity of activity. PT Solutions has worked to ensure that their facilities are healing and welcoming and are held to the same high standards for cleanliness, PPE utilization, and disinfection as their hospital partners.

To make an appointment: Request an appointment online here, call 504.900.1411, or email Metairie@ptsolutions.com.

New Orleans

Children's Hospital New Orleans Post-COVID-19 Clinic

Multidisciplinary Long-Term Recovery/Rehab and Physical Therapy

The physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy departments of the Children's Hospital New Orleans Post-COVID-19 Clinic work with patients and their families to address the following post-COVID symptoms: muscle weakness, poor endurance, post-traumatic stress disorder and cognitive difficulties.

The Clinic’s interdisciplinary team of experienced pediatric specialists works with children who have recovered from the initial COVID-19 virus but need additional support to regain skills or function that were lost because of the illness.

Potential patients must have had a confirmed positive diagnosis of COVID-19 at least 30 days prior and must be asymptomatic.

To make an appointment: Call 504-894-6778.
Contact Physician: Dr. Scott Schultz | 504-896-2888.