Which long COVID clinics are there in Washington State, when you suffer from post COVID, you need to seek help from a doctor.
Every Post COVID Care facility offers different services and access to specialists. We have labeled each according to services offered: Multidisciplinary Long-Term Recovery (most comprehensive), Rehabilitation & Therapy (focus on rehabilitation) and Acute COVID-19 Recovery (focus on improved function after severe illness or hospitalization, often in-patient services).


UW Medicine Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic at Harborview Medical Center
Norm Maleng Building, 410 9th Ave., 4th Floor, Seattle, WA 98104

Rehabilitation & Therapy

The UW Medicine Rehabilitation Medicine and Recovery Clinic at Harborview Medical Center provides post-COVID rehabilitation services for patients who have recovered from an active infection of COVID-19 but continue to have lingering symptoms.

Care team members include doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine (physiatrists), rehabilitation nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, patient care coordinators, therapeutic recreation specialists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, rehabilitation psychologists and social workers.

If you still have symptoms more than three weeks after testing positive for COVID-19, you are eligible to receive treatment.

The Clinic’s program coordinator will set up your first appointment in a privacy-protected Zoom meeting, and will provide instructions on how to log in to Zoom. Many post-COVID-19 visits can take place virtually, but in-person appointments are available if you prefer.

During your visit, your doctor will ask you a lot of questions about your symptoms. That’s because post-COVID-19 can affect your body, mood, mind and ability to function in ways that you may not realize are related to COVID-19.

Your doctor may also order tests that will provide more information about your health, such as blood tests or imaging. If you do need any tests, our program coordinator will give you the details to help you schedule them.

After reviewing all of your symptoms and any test results, your doctor will create a treatment plan tailored to you. There is no single course of care to treat post-COVID-19 because it affects each person differently.

The Post-COVID Rehabilitation and Recovery Care team will coordinate all of your care and make referrals to any diagnostics or treatment you need.

To make an appointment: Call +12067445862.

The hub of the clinic is in the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic at Harborview Medical Center.

Clinic hours are 8 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday.



Multidisciplinary Long-Term Recovery

Long COVID NP is a virtual clinic that uses an integrative medicine approach, which combines practices of both conventional medicine and functional medicine.

The clinic will discuss in-depth things like lifestyle, diet, exercise practices, and previous records with each patient to formulate a plan that may include recommendations, referrals, supplements, and prescription medications.

Eligibility: Long COVID NP accepts all patients who are suffering from long COVID weeks to months after their initial COVID diagnosis.  

To make an appointment: Visit https://longcovidnp.com/ and select “Request a Telehealth Appointment”.

Contact Clinician: Marian Allen, RN, MSN, FNP-C


UW Medicine Post-COVID Telehealth Clinic

The UW Medicine Post-COVID Telehealth Clinic is a response to the needs of COVID-19 “long-hauler” survivors in need of post-infection rehabilitation. The Telehealth Clinic aims to holistically address post-COVID physical and mental health challenges.

The Clinic is run through a HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform, where physicians will holistically evaluate patients who have been discharged from UW Medicine to determine the appropriate treatment regimen for themf. Patients are invited to participate in telehealth sessions until they test negative for COVID-19 and can subsequently enroll in in-person appointments.

To make an appointment: Schedule on eCare or call +12065205000.
Referrals no longer required.

Contact Physician: Dr. Aaron Bunnell